July 27-29, 2018!


2018 Catfish Days Poster



Catfish Volleyball 2018 Entry Form


2018 Softball Information


Here are the new rules and regulations for the 2018 Catfish Derby Fishing Contest.

Any further questions, contact Tom Ness at 507-430-1408, Tournament Director.

Results will be posted at the Franklin City Hall "Catfish Headquarters" or by calling

City Hall at 507-557-2259 during Headquarter hours or on the Facebook page of Catfish Derby Days, Franklin, MN




2017 Catfish Days Results


Miss Franklin:  Shyann Koupal


Kiss the Catfish:  Tasha Zieske

Total money raised by contestants, $8,250.29 to the Cougar Cub Day Care Center Playground Project


Dev. Corp. Raffle:

            $500 Wesley Lund, Franklin

            $300 Cory Schlecter, Franklin

            $100 Chris Wood, Franklin

            $100 David Lanning, Sacred Heart



            1st      B & G            $800

            2nd      Clobes           $500

            3rd      Gish               $300

            Hard Luck   Xpress  $200



Co-Ed Volleyball:



A   Level

1 Bangarzzz

2 Depot

3 Team Hacker

4 Team Ferrier



B   Level

1 Block Party

2 Dalton's Bumping Uglies

3 Stephen's Drywall

4 Team Kerkhoff





FRANKLIN LIONS FISHING CONTEST                               




1st Place, $100 – Lions.                     Trophy:  Franklin Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

            Winner:  Mike Raedel, Redwood Falls, MN        37#, 2 oz.


2nd Place, $50 – Lions.                        Trophy: Franklin Amstar

Winner:  Brady Gruis, George, IA  36#, 5 oz.        


3rd Place, $25 – Lions.                         Trophy:  Morton BP

Winner:  Mike Sowder, Redwood Falls, MN  35# 10 oz.


4th Place, $25 – Lions.                         Trophy:  City of Franklin

Winner:  Logan Miller, St. Peter, MN  33#, 6 oz.


Ladies, $10 – Lions.               Trophy:  Palmyra Farmers Mutual Insurance

Winner: Nina Veltz, Redwood Falls, MN 29#, 4 oz.


Junior (under 16) $10 – Lions.            Trophy:  South Central Grain & Energy

Winner: Noah Christianson, Sleepy Eye, MN   30#, 7 oz.


Boys (Under 10) $10 – Lions.            Trophy:  MN Valley Telephone Co

Winner:  Colton Birkemeyer, Franklin, MN      24#, 12 oz.


Girls (Under 10) $10 – Lions.             Trophy:  Franklin State Bank

Winner:  Eliza Bentson, Morton, MN  8#, 12 oz.


Largest Channel Cat $10 – Lions.      Trophy:  Meadowland Farmers Coop.

Winner:  Lance Neal, Blackduck, MN  18#, 6 oz.


Number of Registered Fishermen: 210 



Trivia ~ The largest tournament fish was 52 lbs., 5 oz. caught in 2013 by Steve Fisher




1976           William Bielke               Morgan                28 lb., 4 oz.

1977           Dave Mude                    Morton                9 lb., 4 oz.

1978           Bob Headstrom             Morgan                30 lb., 0oz.

1979           John Sperl                     Morton                 11 lb., 2oz.

1980           Richard Peterman          Sleepy Eye           11.43 lb.

1981           Steve Hjulberg               Franklin               24lb., 12oz.

1982           Reginald Wood              Franklin               15 lb., 5 oz.

1983           Ed Dagner                      New Ulm              23 lb.,  9oz.

1984           Randy Tetrick                Redwood Falls     27 lb.,  0 oz.

1985           Joe Warner                    Redwood Falls     28 lb.,  0 oz.

1986           Ed Dagner                      New Ulm              30 lb.,  0 oz.

1987           Les Peterson                  Fremont, CA        23 lb., 4oz.

1988           Brian Guess                   Emmetsburg, IA   29 lb., 0 oz.

1989           Bob Reeves                    Winthrop             38 lb., 0 oz.

1990           Bob Headstrom             Morgan                  37 lb., 9 oz.

1991           Terry Johnson               New Hope            39 lb., 8 oz.

1992           Jason Johnson               Eagan                   39 lb., 2 oz.

1993           Terry Johnson               New Hope            34 lb., 4 oz.

1994           Dean Scheer                  No. Redwood       37 lb., 0 oz.

1995           Ryan Lawrenz                Sleepy Eye           29 lb., 2 oz.

1996           Keith Grunke                 Franklin               44 lb., 0 oz.

                   Brent Koch                    Franklin

1997           Dean Scheer                  No. Redwood       33 lb., 14 oz

                   Mike Huston                  Granite Falls                 

1998           Mike Bratsch                 Redwood Falls     42 lb., 8 oz.

1999           Doug Marshall               Bloomington        43 lb., 2 oz.

2000           David Bawden               Morton                 47 lb., 0 oz.

2001           Aaron Hyatt                   Milford, IA           46 lb., 8 oz.

2002           Levi Niswander              Ocheyeden, IA      41 lb., 13 oz.

2003           Charles Scheer               Redwood Falls     42 lb., 11 oz.

2004           Michelle Newburs          Willmar                48 lb., 8 oz.

2005           Brian Schwarting           Harris, IA             41 lb., 11 oz.

2006           Adam Kindler                Redwood Falls     49 lb., 13 oz.

2007           Dave Tribble                  Redwood Falls     46 lb., 8 oz.

2008           Gordie Mach                  Zimmerman        47 lb., 0 oz.

2009           Tyler Stage                    Redwood Falls     49 lb., 0 oz.

2010           Adam Chmelar              Redwood Falls     44 lbs., 3 oz.

2011           David Bawden               Redwood Falls     44 lbs., 5 oz.

2012           Madison Whitcomb       Litchfield              24 lbs., 7 oz.

2013           Steve Fisher                 South Haven        52 lbs. 5 oz.

2014           Chris Hattendorf          Ashton, IA            46#, 14 oz.

2015           Cory Eckstein             Sleepy Eye, MN      32#, 7 oz.

2016           Tate Godthunder         Redwood Falls, MN 41#, 1 oz.

2017           Mike Raedel               Redwood Falls, MN  37#, 2 oz.



2017 D & S Kids Pedal Pull: 


Age 4

            1st      Hyde Kramer, Gibbon

            2nd     Stela Bavier, Redwood Falls

            3rd      Samantha Rigge, Redwood Falls     

Age 5

            1st      Kendra Geisler, Fairfax

            2nd      Emma Lee, Morton

            3rd      Ayden Ziemer, New London

Age 6

            1st       Gabe Grounau, Redwood Falls

            2nd      Jett Prahl, Morton 

            3rd       Ella Freitag, Morgan

Age 7

            1st       Tyson Nez, Bird Island

            2nd     Ythan Rendon, Franklin

            3rd      Lydia Utz, Elk River 

Age 8

            1st        Addison Sullivan, Franklin

            2nd        Kody Wenish, Morton

            3rd        Jaydee Hoffmann. Morgan

Age 9

            1st       Chloe Victor, Fairfax

            2nd       John Sondag, Lafayette

            3rd     Grace Sullivan, Franklin

Age 10

            1st    Antonio Ruiz, Sleepy Eye

            2nd   Jack Dalien, Spicer

            3rd  Carter Klages, Fairfax     

Age 11

            1st      Garrett Cramer, Faulkton, SD

            2nd       Braylan Freitag, Fairfax

            3rd     Sydney Menk, Alexandria




Total Entries:  120



Bean Bag:

            1st     RJ Goodthunder and Jordan Gullickson, Morton

            2nd   Jacob Rohlik and Dalton Salfer, Wabasso                              

            3rd    Justin Peterson, Redwood Falls, and Shawn Erickson, Morgan

            4th    Tom Liebl and Paul Liebl, Fairfax                           



      Catfish Days Chairman:  Corey Gruendemann 507-240-0981

2017 Catfish Days Events:

Fishing Contest:   begins at 3:00 p.m. on Friday and closes at noon on Sunday.  Must register at City Hall before fishing.  No early registration! Contest is DNR approved.  Trophies and cash prizes for channel and flathead catfish.  Contest fees:  $10 for adults, $5 for children under 10 years. Contact Tom Ness 507-430-1408** Rules – see below.


 Street DancesLive Bands!  Friday Evening "Fallen Kingz" 8:30 p.m..-12:30 a.m..  Saturday Evening: "Hicktown Mafia" 9:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m.


Sunday Parades:  Kiddie Parade at 1:00p.m.  Contact Doreen Serbus at 507-557-2345 or jdserb@means.net ; Grand Parade at 1:30, Contact Joe or April Sullivan at 507-557-3265 or 320-212-3406. No numbers - 1st come 1st lined up.


Co-Ed Volleyball Tournament: Saturday, 9:00 a.m. Contact Robin Kokesch  507-430-1073 or robinlu830@hotmail.com 2017 Volleyball Registration Form


Men's Softball Tournament: Saturday and Sunday. Contact Brent Sandmann at 507-430-0221or docsandmann8@yahoo.com


Firemen's Kickball:  Friday, 8:15 p.m.  Contact Corey Gruendemann,  507-240-0981


Franklin Fire & Rescue 5k:  Saturday:  Registration 7:30 a.m., Race starts at 8:30 a.m.  Contact Ash Heibel, 573-289-3409


Queen Contest/Variety Show:  Friday 7:30 p.m. Contact Jane Sullivan, 507-557-8236.


Bouncy Houses:  Saturday 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Main Street


Bean Bag Tourney:  Saturday by the ballpark, 11:00 registration, 12:00 p.m. start, double elimination.  Contact Katie Madsen at 507-430-2913.


Kiss the Catfish Contest:  Saturday at 8:30 p.m., Donations accepted throughout town.  Who will kiss the catfish this year???  Brian (Baller) McCorquodale, Wendy (Wet Lips) Pederson, or Tasha (Trollin') Zieske???  Contact Katie Fox at 507-557-2233. 

Craft & Vendor Show: Sunday, 10:00 – 5:00 p.m. Contact Tammy Mettling at 507-766-6738.

Music at the Park:  Saturday; Sunday after the parade, by DJ Butler.


Kids Pedal Pull:  Sanctioned tournament held on Sunday after the parade at Sacred Heart Church parking lot, approximately 3 p.m., contact Amy Koupal 507-557-2783.


Raffle:  Sponsored by the Franklin Community Development Corporation...1st Prize - $500, 2nd Prize - $300, 3rd/4th Prizes $100 each.  Tickets available at area businesses and from Development Corporation Members.  Drawing at 3:30 p.m. Sunday-you do not need to be present to win.


Church Services:  Sunday at St. Luke's Lutheran and at Sacred Heart Catholic Church 


Souvenirs and raffle tickets available at City Hall before and during Catfish Days:  

 T-Shirts, Caps, Pins, Can Coolers, Key Chains

            ~ Food Stands ~ Beer Wagons ~ Soft Drinks ~ Souvenirs ~

  Thank you for supporting the local organizations and businesses!