Wednesday May 31, 2023
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City Council Briefs: Meeting Date: August 9, 2021 Council Present: Gruendemann, Wiese, Scharfencamp, Mumme, R. Kokesch Staff Present: K. Kokesch, Radermacher, Wiese,& McCorquodale. Guests: M. Gehrke, S. Traulich, H. Hatlewick, J. Harmoning, T. Sullivan. Regular Meeting called to order, Pledge and Roll Call. 1. Approved minutes of 8/2/2021 and 8/9/2021. 2. Approved consent agenda: bills of $34,753.08; cash receipts of $166,623.79; seven past due utility accounts; no zoning permits issued. 3. Hatlewick spoke to the council about the erosion problem from the storm sewer on the south edge of town. A survey and design plan are the steps in figuring out a solution. 4. Bids were submitted for the Fire Dept Surplus property. High bids were accepted. 5. Ambulance theft reported. Discussion on how it could have happened and what to do to prevent theft in the future was made. 6. Franklin Fire Relief reported their 2020 annual report. Requested additional funding per active member for pension funds, approved. 7. Porta Potty at boat landing to be removed in September; one bathroom will be left unlocked at each park; damage to park equipment reported, insurance claim made; city truck needs new tires; a load of gravel to be used for patching will be brought in; food an d equipment left in park shelter after Catfish Days; 8. Locks to be replaced at City Hall. 9. Community service hours for the juveniles discussed; three individuals completed their hours and have gained their park privileges back, one individual moved out of state, and one induvial to complete two more hours at City Hall to satisfy the requirement. 10. Camera system proposals tabled. Other venues will be looked at for ARPA funding expenses. 11. Blight properties were discussed. 280 6th Street has not made progress in cleaning up. Other properties have made progress on cleaning up. 12. Quotes will be looked into for smoothing/leveling out the ball park outfield. Discussion was made on holding regular games at the field. 13. Hail storm damage was discussed. The roofs on the City Shop, Water treatment plant, and the Fire Hall will be replaced. A minimum of two quotes will be needed. 14. 2022 salaries, fees, and preliminary budget discussion tabled until September. 15. The bills authorized for payment are as follows: City of Franklin 320 Second Ave. E., PO Box 326 Franklin, MN 55333-0326 Phone: 507-557-2259 Fax: 507-557-2255 Email: Web: https://www. Facebook: https://www. Salaries Net $7,440.83 Expert T Billing Billing $58.00 Runnings Supplies $275.82 PERA Retirement $1,225.45 Electric Motor Supplies $1,293.99 All-Phase Electric Repair $25.00 MN Dept. of Rev. Withholding $307.55 Clobes Sanitation Garbage $2,851.58 Claudia Kokesch Cleaning $207.50 IRS Withholding $2,976.24 Madison Ntl Insurance $21.20 Postmaster Postage $198.00 SW/WC-Coop Insurance $0.00 Marco Printer $163.35 Weis Oil Supplies $34.95 Ren-Sibley Coop. Electric $52.90 Gopher State Locates $8.10 Macqueen Supplies $1,568.63 US Treasury Taxes $15.96 Clements Lumber Catfish $41.99 Katie Joehnck Catfish $10.17 Steven Ewers Catfish $250.00 Fahey Tiling Repair $190.00 Sarah Sullivan Catfish $12.67 Farmward Propane $3,100.00 Clarke Mosquito $947.60 Hawkins Supplies $652.75 Expert T Billing Billing $58.00 John Deere Supplies $75.64 Delux Print Shirts $199.25 Praxair Oxygen $111.91 Amstar Catfish $211.11 MVTL Lab $224.60 VISA Supplies $303.59 Heiman Supplies $850.00 MN Valley Tele Phone $235.78 United Systems Water $3,328.97 Walton Law Legal $207.30 Wex Bank Fuel $774.91 Standard-Gazette Printing $43.13 Winsted Solar Electric $4,256.66 September 14 & 28 September 2 Legion Meeting, 7 PM September 6 Labor Day September 7 School resumes-Watch for Children! September 8 Catfish Meeting, 7PM– Comm Center September 13 Lions Club, 6 PM City Council, 7 PM, City Hall September 16 Ambulance Meeting,6:30 PM, Fire Hall Fire Meeting, 7 PM, Fire Hall Electronics and Appliance Recycling 2nd Wednesday of each month April– October, 2:00-6:00 PM Renville Co Fair Grounds, Bird Island Most electronics and appliances recycled for free! For more info., Call 800-366-866

Franklin Ambulance Association/Rural Fire Association Meetings:
The annual meetings of the Franklin Ambulance Association and
Franklin Rural Fire Association were held on Monday, August 2, 2021
at 7:30/7:45 Pm at the Franklin Fire Hall. The financial reports were
approved. The ambulance added 6 EMRs to the staff and shares good
reports. Centra Care is covering the Franklin Ambulance service area
6:00 AM– 6 PM, seven days a week. The Fire Dept. has applied for
the FEMA grant again. Approved reimbursing the city $14,542.75 for
half of the 2020 fire expenses. The next meetings will be held February 7, 2022 at the Franklin Community Center to allow more space
for the township guests